Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What has been going on....

So, I have been a little down lately with everything going on so I thought, why not blog about all the great things that have happened in the past few weeks.

First of all, I started the 90 day challenge with Body by Vi and I am loving it! I am a big fan of shakes and totally do not mind having two a day! And, the best part, I have lost 5 lbs in my first two weeks! That is exciting right? If you want to learn more feel free to contact me at It really is a life changing experience.

Second, we have been spending a ton of time remodeling our house to get it appraised so that we can sell it and get our new dream home. Yes, we are weird and for some reason like to fix up houses and then move. This is the second time we have done it. But, it will all be worth it when we get our new house. Her is a photo of just the kitchen part we remodeled.

Third, my poor little guy, 8 1/2 months, has been teething like crazy. Already has 5 teeth and I think 3 more coming in. Yes he is way ahead of the gang. He is almost walking too! I am so thankful for  the joy he brings me.

Fourth, my oldest daughter is turning 9 on Friday! I cannot believe it, they grow up way to fast. So big Birthday part for her on Sunday.

My Birthday is coming up in a few weeks, I will be turning the big 30!!! So not ready but so excited for what is to come.

And lastly, I am loving selling mark. If you haven't checked it out you should. They have amazing products at great prices. I signed up for just $20, yes only $20, and have earned that back and more! I would love for any of you to join to my team! If interested send me an email. Price will be going up shortly so now is the time! Get all of this for just $20!

So, now that I feel a little better, thank you all for listening. Stay on the lookout for new giveaways and reviews. More to come shortly :)

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