Saturday, March 31, 2012

SureFlap Cat Door Review

SureFlap Microchip Cat Door

I just had the honor of reviewing the SureFlap microchip cat door. The first thing I thought is that I love this door and want to go get my cat micro chipped just to use it. I was given a stuffed cat that was micro chipped to use. 
The cat entering through the door was easy. As soon as the cats head get close to the door and in the tunnel, you hear a click when the microchip is sensored and that unlocks the door. 
Once the door unlocked I just pushed the cat through. Once the cat is all the way through the catch will flip back up and no other animals will be able to enter. 
There is four modes to set the door in. Entry mode, exit mode, fully open, or fully locked. 

Here is some more information on this great door.
·         SureFlap allows only cats whose microchips are stored within the product to enter a home. 
·         SureFlap is powered by 4 AA batteries and only powers up when a cat tries to enter/leave a home. 
·         SureFlap works with a cat’s existing FDXA, FDXB or Avid Secure/Encrypted microchip (these encompass the vast majority of microchip types).
·         SureFlap will work even if a cat wears a collar with a metallic bell or tag.
·         A cat’s microchip identity will still be stored in SureFlap even if batteries are not installed in the unit.
·         SureFlap is currently available in white and brown.
·         SureFlap stores the unique microchip identities of up to 32 cats. 
·         SureFlap is compact and suitable for most cat breeds with its 5.59” wide by 5.39” tall entry portal. 
·         SureFlap is easy to install in doors, windows and walls and glass mounting and wall installation kits are available.
·         SureFlap may be purchased for $149.99 plus shipping and handling at

Who would love one of these? Leave a comment below and let me know what you think.

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